Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mostly google-sculpted poem about food, sex and poetry

I have the awful feeling that I can’t write anymore
Haven’t you ever noticed once you start eating tacos,
all you can think about is more tacos?

I know that i am a bullshit writer
I have a real problem with food,
I overeat at times and feel that
I cannot stop once I've started.

Wait. No. Lust is more serious than other vices
on the list such as pride, envy, and apathy;
but it is considerably more serious than gluttony.

There is no pot of gold at the end of that rainbow.
Lie #1: Sex creates intimacy. I told you I am a
bullshit writer. Throw some emotion and vices
on the page. Free your mind! Poetry is sure to follow!

Lies your teacher told you: There is no bad writing--
only unfinished revision. Lie #2: Starting sex early
in a relationship will help you get to know one another
and become better partners later.

According to Wyler-Feldman,
parental separation most often manifests itself
in atrocious poems about isolation and anger.

Which sin is worse?