Friday, May 05, 2006

I fear that is the truth.

I fear that it can't be changed.

I fear that it isn't true but that I make it true by believing it.

I fear that it can be changed but I am too weak to change it.

I fear that I will become afraid if I try.

I fear that I will fail.

I fear that I won't fail because then I would know I have a potential that I am failing to live up to.

I fear fear.

This was not a poem.

This was not not a poem.

This was nothing.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself (and the bird flu, and nuclear war, and losing a loved one, and having a heart attack and leaving your family alive to struggle without you, or failing to let people know that you care and then finding out that tomorrow doesn't always come, or wreaking your car and not having the money for a new one or that painful realization that your faith isn't strong enough to trust God but just strong enough to beg God to not take away the things you believe you need to make it in life)

There is nothing to fear. There is a lot to be concerned about.