Saturday, June 10, 2006

Day like this

Some days you'd peel your skin off to keep
from being you.

Other days it was enough to just wear a coat
to cover up the past

Now you say "I just got be me" but cannot take
the bitter lie.

Your soul is splattered in shit and hate
and you cry when you are alone

You always said you didn't believe in ghosts or
possession. It was all just superstition.

On days like this, you know the dead really
do raise, and take over your body.

Your Father rose yesterday, taking your mind
hostage. You had no proof he had been there except
He left you hollow and trembling.

Days like this, it is hard to tell who
you are, or who you were, and you cannot
even dare ask who you will be.

Days like this.

Just shut your eyes. I swear, it
will all go away in the dark.